Win or Die!

It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baki Dou - Chapter 5

20XX Spring
This place established by Kumamoto Kentatsu(?)
Alias; Musashi Hill

From this place that a cultural artifact a dead body has gone missing
Missing or maybe ...
It was the body of Miyamoto Musashi that was buried here in 1645.

Chapter 5 - John Boy

1986 Summer

The excitement I felt that day I will never forget it.
Why ...?
It was my greatest desire.
To finally get my hands on the spine of a T-Rex
I can finally do it ...
After all this time ...

Up until now all the musuems I've been to have denied me.
To chance to split the spine in two ...

I just can't understand.
Why all these scientists concerning ancient animals
just put these discovers on display
Why just look it from from the "outside"
Why won't they split it open?

The spine.
The skull.
The eggs.
Why can't we split it open and look inside!?
Just what is the most important part of an egg!?
The outside is just a shell!
The most important part is what is inside of the shell!

I don't think my reasoning is mistaken.
I should say this goes beyond reasoning
All the bones and teeth that have been collected because "common sense" deems it
The times where we just study the exterior.

That common sense
has been shattered by the new times
Thanks to the discovery of  "soft tissue"
Living blood tissue was discovered within fossilized spines
In fossils over 700 million years old
Tissue with the flexibility to extend when pulled

Furthermore upon analyzing the protein recovered from the fossils
Amino acid were found.
According to that arrangement
To my surprise
It was very close to the birds found in wildlife today.
Going a step further we look into genetic structure
DNA recovery from the fossil didn't take that long.

Cloning dinosaurs isn't just some pipe dream anymore.
It was the year of 2005 that I announced my discoveries
The opposition was something else
4 days from the publication on newspaper
A businessman from Tokyo came before me

With a trunk full of cash
He explained this money was an investment in me
Do you plan to buy me with money
Do not insult me!
A response like that was just too much for me.

In Tokyo the person waiting for me
He had the attitude of the old samurai
A small elderly man with small sharp eyes
His code name was "Goroko"

Toku: I want you to cooperate with me
After speaking in English for a bit
He stopped speaking for a bit
Then his last words ...

Tokugawa: I want you to make a human
This was a request to me who is a fossil researcher
I knew full well he didn't mean teaching or counseling someone
In other words
It was a request to clone a human
Making a clone of humans, that "dark side" of science
According to world views that is considered forbidden.
Just as I was to speak of this common sense to him
He said something that made me doubt my ears

Toku: I am currently in possession of Miyamoto Musashi's corpse.
It's a big name that found in various literatures
Of course I was familiar with the name Miyamoto Musashi
John: (r ... really ...)

In all of history the samurai who is the most renown
With no room for opposition the greatest symbol of strength

Toku: Wanna see?
John: Yes, I want to see!
Toku: Compared to something like a fossil
It's much closer to a living body
John: However the real shock
was to come a bit later.

Within a research facility located 366 meters underground.

I've seen many facilities in the past
Compared to them ... 
Everything was just in a league of it's own

After passing through many doors we went deeper within the facility
He was deep in slumber

John: Oh ... Oh ...
Toku: Good morning

Toku: Let me explain
John: The old man's voice didn't make it to my ears anymore
This tower that was above us was just camouflage
634 Meters
This height was an offering to Miyamoto Musashi(google 634 Miyamoto Musashi for info)
That spiral like appearance coming up from the ground
This was modeled after was DNA looks like

John: Goroko
All these secrecies weren't that important
John: I don't care about my compensation

Miyamoto Musashi ...
Within the modern world
I want to make him walk here!
Toku: Even if you have to turn your back to god...?
This bright road of immortality

I will walk upon it without hesitation
John: Oh ... Goroko Ohh ...(sobbing)
I turn my back to god with my own free will!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Baki Dou - Chapter 4


Chapter 4: Hidden Tower Underground.

Destination a tower with a height of 634 meters

Matsuo: The Prime Minister is waiting.
Tokugawa: Just leave him be.
Matsuo: As you wish.

Matsuo: Huh ... It looks a little twisted.
Tokugawa: Fufu, of course. It's modeled after DNA

Matsuo: ...? DNA ..? is it?
Guards: The car has come into site Prime Minister.

Souri: Goroukou!! Goroukou. Please take a look

Souri: The perfect disguise. Absolutely unrecognizable. From whatever angle you look at I look like a normal worker. There's no way I could really be the Prime Minister of Japan.

Matsuo: Prime Minister. You're in front of Goroukou. Get down from that high place immediately.

Souri: I'm very sorry that was quite rude of me..
Tokugawa: Leave all your security behind. Beyond here is of utmost secrecy. Only you and I are to proceed from here.

Glasses: Welcome Goroukou and Prime Minister. The staff is waiting for us.
Souri: Um ...

Glasses: That was quite rude of me. I'm the team leader. Nonomura Hitoshi.
Souri: Team?
Tokugawa: Hey Abe.(Souri first name)

Tokugawa: The time are moving
Souri: ..... What are you talking about?
Tokugawa: There's no going back now.
Souri: Well Goroukou. Forgive my words but in terms of what is going on here. I have no heard anything about it.

Souri: ....
Hitoshi: We won't be making any detours. Well be going straight down to our destination. 366 meters underground.

Souri: Just what is the meaning of this? Underground? 366 meters down? This tower had an underground facility buried so deep underground?
Tokugawa: Is Mr. John doing well?
Souri: Just what is it .... he wants to show me!?

John: Welcome Mr. Tokugawa

(soniku: blah blah emotional reunion)
Beneath the tower, this is impossible.
Souri: I haven't heard anything about this.

Souri: I haven't heard anything about this!!! This secret base!!!
Souri: Goroukou ... Goroukou! Please explain this!

Toku: Forgive me, it was for our production needs.
Souri:. ... production ... just what are you making here?
Toku: 1000 meters beneath here. We are making a human.

Souri: Making a human? !
Toku: A clone. Abe. Follow me.


Souri: This is ..  a mummy ...? It has .. quite the large build ...
Souri: Just who is it?

Toku: Someone who you even know. But I will introduce you.
Souri: ....
Toku: From a time long ago ...

Toku: Miyamoto Musashi. That's who this person is.

Souri: Hah!!?

Toku: You're voice is loud, you'll wake him up. Fufu well this project is to wake him up.

Souri: Mi .. Minamoto Musashi's ...
Toku: This team here, thanks to Mr. John Hona.
John: Yes.
Toku: Was able to take apart the fossilized spine.

Toku: and retrieve his blood vessels. Even further inside those vessels were healthy red blood cells. In other words his body map. We were able to get this.

Souri: Stop this! Stop this now! Cloning a human would become a national incident!
Toku: Fufu, those words.

Tokugawa: I wonder if you would be able to say that to his face when he wakes up.