It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Son of Ogre 184

The wheels of fate, now begin to turn.

Chapter 184 - The Hanma brain.

At the conclusion of a confrontation, the warrior heals his wounded body and thinks of his next battle!!

Kureha: OK, Thanks for waiting.
Kureha: It's done with.

Kureha: I'm probably just meddling ...
Kureha: But you just had a fist fight with the strongest man in history. I believe some inspection of your body is needed.
Kureha: Futhermore, someone with a lifestyle such as yours.
Kureha: This type of examination should have been done a lot sooner.

Kureha: Even for professional fighters, they don't have as much damage carved into their bodies as you do.
Baki: Something like this was needed, I can understand that much.
Baki: If there is something wrong please tell me, my lifestyle isn't something that can be changed now.
Kureha: I am already mindful of that.
Kureha: If I don't contact you, then there is no problem.
Baki: I leave everything up to you then.

Kureha: It's me. Get over here now.
Kureha: That's right, right now!!
Kureha: There are 600,000,000 women in the world, just get over here now!

Is something like this even possible ....

Kureha: Mogi, come over here.

Mogi: Maybe for you there are 600mil. girls in the world. But in my life there are only 6 or so meetings between women ...

Kureha: Mogi. Look at this.

Mogi: Ehhh!!?

Mogi: Is this ... a human brain !!?

Kureha: Yes a human brain.
Kureha: The frontal lobe of a 18 year old japanese teenager.

Mogi: These creases ... wrinkles ... eeehhh???

Kureha: Brain researcher Mogi Kenichirou
Kureha: I would like to ask a question of you, who is known as a nationwide professional of the matter.

Kureha: From my point of view there is no greater scientist of the human brain than you.

Kureha: A humans lifestyle has no influence on the brains wrinkles and form, this is common knowledge.

However ...

Kureha: There isn't anything common to compare this too.
Kureha: It's has too much of a evil notion to it.

Kureha: Hey, Mogi.
A humans lifestyle has no influence on the brains wrinkles and form, right?

Mogi: Kureha-chan.
Us humans, We know nothing of the brain.
The human brain is as I thought an amazing thing!! The brain is greatest!!

Whether this is some kind of odd occurrence or just Gods prank. The witness such a miraculous sight!!

Mogi: For that inquiry.

Mogi: How do I say, OK ...
Mogi: As a brain researcher I have to make are responsible professional statement... A persons lifestyle and their brains wrinklers??

Kureha: I have high hopes from you.
Mogi: Kureha-chan, this brain ... the owner of this brain ...

Must be a person like a fierce demon !!!
Kureha: You hit the mark with that statement.
Mogi: Well, in other words I'm saying I don't know.

On this day
In a park within the metropolitan area.

couple: Whoa!!

Girl: Kyaaa!!!! Hiiiii!!!

It was reported around the time of dawn a large swarm of mice stormed through the area.

However ... this event ...

No one ever suspected. the cause a young man walking through the same area.

Like a Fierce Demon that dangerous aura!! Baki putting all that spirit into his next fight!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Son Of Ogre 183

Chaos is always alongside this man.

Chapter 183 - Hanma Yujiro

High Security Prison in the middle of Arizona. Code Name: The Black Pentagon.

Why is it called Pentagon ...?
Because the building has 5 sides to it ...??

No, it's not that. Here...

We have the worst of the worst in all of America.
The elite's of the law-breakers are gathered here.

Yujiro: I dunno about you being an "All American champion" or whatever ...

Yujiro: You're a convicted felon, aren't you.
Yujiro: This place sure is excessive.

Oliva: This is only 1/5 of the place.
Yujiro: Hmpt, I didn't ask.

Yujiro: Building up on such overweight muscle.
Yujiro: A book collection comparable to a grand library.
Yujiro: With an appetite just as big.

Yujiro: As if taking revenge against all anxiety, so far removed from everything...

Oliva: Your son, Baki.
Oliva: He's fought against the ancient man, right?
Oliva: You've heard of the outcome?

Oliva: Looking at the result, how do you interpret it?

Yujiro: One who has fallen into the world as "weak"...
Yujiro: Corners the genuinely "strong" ...

Yujiro: To the point where the "strong" takes a weapon, the "fighting arts" into his hands ...

Oliva: Therefore ... it means victory for the weak one?
Just How ...

How irregular ...

How impure ...
How unclear ..

Such lack of sincerity and unsteadiness ...!!!

Excitement, Effort, Diligence
All those decorations, again and again ...

Cloud the purity of a match.

The outcome of a simple victory, it just complicates it.

Oliva: I'm at a disadvantage in a exchange of blows.

Yujiro: The "height" one has at the conclusion of the battle.
Yujiro: One's elevation.

Yujiro: The one who was able to rise to even greater heights.
Yujiro: That is the victor!!

Oliva: I thought is was something like that ....

Compared to Biscuit Oliva who soars through the sky at an elevation of 1105.8 meters.
Hanma Yujiro is at a height of 1106.3

From Yujiro's point of view is this Baki's loss? If so what will happen to there showdown!!?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Son of Ogre 182

With this man, fear is always there ...

Chapter 182: Contract of Amity.

The strongest country in the world. Within it's very center what's taking place !?

Washington DC, America U.S.A

On this day within it's main blocks ...

At the long standing Renaissance hotel.

Within a radius of 70,000 meter's no entry is allowed to the general public.

Within every corner is 89 important small areas are

surrounded by guard personnel

A unconventional use of security

Within the walls of the hotel.

Obama: With the expection of the White House, to not be followed by security when leaving and entering a room ...

Obama: This must be a first, leaving out high ranking personnel.

Obama: Even though within this entire world ...
Obama: The most dangerous man is right infront of my eyes.

Obama: The impulse to flee from sheer terror is a definitely there ...
Obama: However there is also strong feeling of admiration and curiousity that is hard to suppress.

Yujiro: You talk too much.

Obama: Hmnn ... Sorry. If I've upset you I apologize.

Obama: But with the hero from that courageous era right infront of me, I want to display my utter glee.

Obama: In any case, the incident that starts with the 40th president Ronald Regan.
Obama: Code Name: Ogre. Otherwise know as [Yujiro Hanma]

Obama: The first to be informed of such specialized secret information
Obama: From that day on was the White House.

Obama: Can you understand? The feeling I've held within my chest from that day ...
Yujiro: HEY!

Yujiro: Just get it over with already.

Obama: Sorry, I got too excited.
Obama: Let's finish our business. It'll be done in 10 seconds.

Sensei (Teacher, Master, etc)

We, the United States of America now declare amity between us and Hanma Yujiro

We shall respect you, and will have no involvement nor objection in your livelihood.

Without any notice to how grave the losses to us may become.

I swear under God that we shall uphold a righteous companionship.

10.03.2009 President Barack Obama.

Yujiro: Be at ease.
Yujiro: This ceremony every time ...
Yujiro: How tiresome.

Obama: Master Yujiro, One request.
Obama: Could you listen to my personal selfishness?
Yujiro: You ...!!

Obama: Coal.

Obama: It's said that under 100,000,000 pounds of pressure ...
Obama: That it is transformed into diamond.

Obama: Logically it makes sense but ...
Obama: Unless I see it with my own eyes I won't be convinced.

Obama: Mister Ogre, What if it's your Power?
Obama: That Crushing Power which is said to be comparable to a nuke.

Obama: What an exaggerated request.

Yujiro: That part of your character ...
Yujiro: Isn't that much different from Bush.

Obama: The glass table, it's as if it's being cut by a diamond.

Such incredible self confidence. The greatest effect produced by a diamond fist!

Yujiro: Sorry but this is a human diamond.

Obama: No. You are able too do it.