It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Son of Ogre 175

Chapter 175 - Final Form.

Just wait a bit!! I'm coming right now!!

Taking a critical blow to the testicles, Pickle shows an expression a rage!! Now without all Pickle's limiters removed, what will happen now!!?

Baki: It's close.
Baki: This fight was long.

Baki: The finale is closing in.

That face ...

He's preparing for his last form.

Retsu: That's right, that's when we realized.
Retsu: That shape of his was his final fighting stance.

Retsu: Yes, who would of thought even at this stage in the battle ...
Retsu: That his still we still concealing his power.

The first one to notice, was of course Baki.

We thought ...

That the scar was the result of some large cutting weapon.
That old wound seemed to line up across his whole chest.

Baki: When did that ... !!?

Baki: Like something was sunk into him ...
Baki: An elliptical wound marking.
Baki: A scar not from this era.

Baki: Claws!!? Thorns!!? At any right, scars from his time.

Retsu: Baki must have pondered this as well. Just what, what could have done that to him?

Retsu: We were the first to figure out the answer.

Because we saw ...

The same scare running down his back.

Retsu: Do you understand?

Retsu: Scar's crossing around his whole body.
Retsu: This scene is self evident

The deepness and width of the wound.

The true identity of the weapon was non other that a Tyrannosaurus' Fang!!!

Pickle was a man who wrenched opened a T-Rex's jaw and survived.

Retsu: My excitement, respect, this height of emotions ...
Retsu: How do I even begin to express them ...

The 3 of us that realized this, just silently applauded him simultaneously.

Retsu: Such an achievement, that incredible exploit. Is of course the first of all mankind.

Retsu: No it Pickle's point of view ...
The first of all creature.

Even in such a pressing moment I thought to myself. Just have many Gold medals would this man have?

Baki: !?

Baki: haha ...

Baki: Of course, you don't even have to say it

Baki: "The real fight is from here on", right?

Changing the position of his joints ...
He changed into a complete fighting form. This was Pickle's true figure.

Retsu: It disappoints me, but this event didn't occur against my match with him.
Retsu: Not during his bout against Orochi Katsumi nor with Jack.

Retsu: Hmm?
Retsu: The story of the fight isn't continuing?
Retsu: The end of the match is close at hand.

Changing the posture of his joints. This wild menacing anger Pickle shows. Baki vs Pickle the outcome is approaching!!