It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Son Of Ogre 183

Chaos is always alongside this man.

Chapter 183 - Hanma Yujiro

High Security Prison in the middle of Arizona. Code Name: The Black Pentagon.

Why is it called Pentagon ...?
Because the building has 5 sides to it ...??

No, it's not that. Here...

We have the worst of the worst in all of America.
The elite's of the law-breakers are gathered here.

Yujiro: I dunno about you being an "All American champion" or whatever ...

Yujiro: You're a convicted felon, aren't you.
Yujiro: This place sure is excessive.

Oliva: This is only 1/5 of the place.
Yujiro: Hmpt, I didn't ask.

Yujiro: Building up on such overweight muscle.
Yujiro: A book collection comparable to a grand library.
Yujiro: With an appetite just as big.

Yujiro: As if taking revenge against all anxiety, so far removed from everything...

Oliva: Your son, Baki.
Oliva: He's fought against the ancient man, right?
Oliva: You've heard of the outcome?

Oliva: Looking at the result, how do you interpret it?

Yujiro: One who has fallen into the world as "weak"...
Yujiro: Corners the genuinely "strong" ...

Yujiro: To the point where the "strong" takes a weapon, the "fighting arts" into his hands ...

Oliva: Therefore ... it means victory for the weak one?
Just How ...

How irregular ...

How impure ...
How unclear ..

Such lack of sincerity and unsteadiness ...!!!

Excitement, Effort, Diligence
All those decorations, again and again ...

Cloud the purity of a match.

The outcome of a simple victory, it just complicates it.

Oliva: I'm at a disadvantage in a exchange of blows.

Yujiro: The "height" one has at the conclusion of the battle.
Yujiro: One's elevation.

Yujiro: The one who was able to rise to even greater heights.
Yujiro: That is the victor!!

Oliva: I thought is was something like that ....

Compared to Biscuit Oliva who soars through the sky at an elevation of 1105.8 meters.
Hanma Yujiro is at a height of 1106.3

From Yujiro's point of view is this Baki's loss? If so what will happen to there showdown!!?


  1. hi!i am a baki fans from hk!
    (please forgive my eng not well)
    i have somethings do not understand!

    in this chapter,yujiro said that the "weak"(baki)
    corner the "strong" (pickle) to force pickle need to use the "fighting arts"!

    then oliva said" Therefore ... it means victory for the weak one(baki)?"

    but at the last page,why have this sentense:
    "From Yujiro's point of view is this Baki's loss?"

    would you like tell me what is the true yujiro's point of view !
    (may be i did not get the right meaning from those eng sentense!)

    thank you so much!

  2. Maybe the reason is : Baki used techniques and skills instead of pure raw force and strength like Pickle.

  3. Yujiro is saying that what matters is not where your stregnth is before the fight but where it is after. That the goal is to reach another level to constantly improve.He believes pickle won because at the beginning of the fight he was pure stregnth but by the end he learned a technique while baki didn't learn anything new he didn't reach higher heights or become better.

  4. The outcome of a simple victory, it just complicates it.

    Says it all for me. You can interpret it any way you want, but Pickle was not the one knocked cold.

  5. The point is you fight. If you are knocked out (Baki) you most likely will die. Die = Lose. Therefore Baki = loser. The end. The rest are just irrelevant

  6. Baki lost. Suck it, bitches!

  7. Pickle is a big cry baby

  8. truth is when baki and pickles fought with pure brute force pickles used a technique which was said only to be used by the weak. which in turn means that pickles lost the fight cause he took a weapon into his hands which was a technique to beat baki. so baki won.

  9. you missed one big point at the end of the match pickle was totally beaten so baki came up and touched fists which signified a test in strength ONLY forsaking technique ! He(pickle) did the same with his baki's father earlier. Pickle knew this and knew he would lose so he CHEATED by using a technique at a time baki promised not to. Baki was being nice and was going to give him the same chance he gave Olivia at the end of their fight because he(baki) could have just used the trigger to beat the hell out of him(Olivia or pickle) without him noticing but that would be a shallow victory. So by pickle accepting the test of strength same as Olivia but then going back on it was what disheartened pickle because he knew he cheated that's why baki didn't use ogre or trigger and his dino stances or whatever you called it because baki wanted to end the fight on level terms just as with Olivia. Concerning pickle btw its my impression pickle was using technique the whole fight what do you called the all fours stance or the last transformation by setting his joints are not stances the basics of martial arts? Plus baki see's this when he can see all of pickles past opponents and he remarks how troublesome this fight has become. That's my take on it.

  10. Bwaha! I knew Oliva sucks but not so much!

  11. i know right it seems like after a character gets beaten by baki the get weaker and weaker.

  12. To keep things clear, it's a small mistranslation

    The correct one is below:

    Oliva: I'm at a disadvantage at an exchange of blows
    Yujiro: In this case, the one of us, who will be able to raise his head above sea level (that sounds not so good, but it's the exact translation, i guess some metaphor) higher than another at the end of fight, will be the winner (this sentence is divided into 5 pieces, that's the reason it's difficult to understand)

    Itagaki's words on the background: at this moment (the moment that is shown on the picture), head of Biscuit Oliver is at 1105.8m above sea level, and head of Hanma Yujiro is at 1106.3 meters.

    All words in brackets are mine. I'm not quite fluent in Japanese but i understand a bit. I was interested why their difference is so small and checked it. I asked a japanese translator, and he confirmed my thoughts. Thus you can be sure that difference between muscular strenght Oliva and Yujiro's one is not 0.1% percent, otherwise that'd be some utter bullshit. It's much bigger. Yujiro is many times stronger.

    Anyway, it's not hard to understand they can't have that difference even if you don't speak Japanese. Look at the picture once, and it will be obvious. Yujiro's veins are invisible to us. Yujiro seems to be relaxed. And he even does it in boxer gloves. It's harder to сreate a strong grip with your fists if you wear gloves. Oliva is at kneeling position on the picture. Yujiro completely outclasses Oliva. He doesn't even need his back to outmuscule Oliva in toe-to-toe crushing palm contest. I bet he can defeat Oliva even with one palm if he wants so. At their levels, it takes the slightest effort to overcome Oliva in terms of physical streght. That's why they have these numbers but Yujiro dominates without breaking a sweat. 1105.8 is Oliva's maximum. 1106.3 is NOT maximum for Yujiro, it's closer to his minimum, lol.

    Nah, Yujiro is untouchable by such faggot as Oliva. He can't be on Yujiro's metalevel. Only Baki can... well, perhaps Pickle, maybe even Kaku too, but i doubt it.

    I hope Soniku will fix this mistake. Sorry, my English isn't that perfect. I hope you understood what i tried to say.

  13. If Ogre so much stronger, i'd love to know about his durability and endurance. I know he's tougher than Oliva but how much? I mean he pushed his body through a plexiglass barrier without a scar. But if his muscules are so tight that they exceed those of Pickle, it will be nuts. I think Yujiro is physically stronger than Pickle since Hanayama goes toe-to-toe with Pickle and gives 50:50 in their push duel (going by Scarface feats, i say Hanayama is stronger than both Jack and Oliva), but if he's tougher, that's unfuckinbelievable.

  14. In my opinion, Yujiro should be between Unchained and Pickle. Pickle must be slightly better.

  15. The figures 1106.3 for yujiro and 1105.8 for olivia are not metrics of their strength. It's their elevation above sea level. As you can see, olivia is about to submit or in the act of submission, his head cowering down, his shoulders and core muscles drawn back and his knees bent. His elevation above see level went further down when he was standing straight up. When baki went down and pickle sitting and eventually stood up on his own, for yujiro baki is weak but never he never mentioned that pickle was strong either. Yujiro always compare others to himself and not to fighters who are fighting or fought each other. So for yujiro, the one who goes down loses and the one who's elevation is higher (whatever position besides lying down as well) is the winner.

  16. Yujiro just made a point to olivia, the difference may be small (yujiro need not exert his full power to prove a point) but a win is a win and the loser loses. That's it.

  17. True that. Yujiro always liked messing around. He didn't use his best on anyone... even on Kaku. He doesn't need to rise even higher though he can. 0.1% is enough.

  18. Does anyone ever beat Yujiro and who is pickles ? Just bought the box set all this stuff I'm reading I'm lost my email I need info please

  19. i believe that this story comes out from one guy like us, so instead of living his imagination, lets try ours...
    for example, how about story named by the fulfill boy Tom... most of outcomes movies were likely to be from guys like us imagination..

    COOL DOWN ...