It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Son of Ogre 185

Thank You ...

Chapter 185 - Pickle's destination.

How should it be? How should we guide this?

We will return him the way he was. There's will be no exceptions

There is no longer any room for discussion.

To us modern humans he is ... a sacrifice made from our curiousity.

At the end of his confrontation, he is taken within cold air. The wild Pickle sleeps here quietly and soundly. What is this talk about "returning him back to the way he was"??

A member of ministry Hatoyama Yukio

Yukio: Return him to the way his was, isn't this our obligation as modern society?
Yukio: What do you think of this everyone?

Politician Kimu Sanjun

Kimu: Right or wrong aside, the fact that we awoken him from his slumber is an undeniable fact.. We should take responsibility for these actions.

A master of ethics Yoda Masamitsu

Yoda: Before we go into our responsibility, we should discuss Pickle rights as a human. Whether they should be recognized or not.

Movie Supervisor Kitano Takeshi

Kitano: Privilege to rights. The person is our great senior.  In other words all of humanities greatest elder. Who knows, he could even be your ancestor.

Freedom Rights Leader Seto Uchijyakuchou

Seto: On top of that he's a looker.

Yukio: What is your opinion Mister Pein.

Scientist Albert Pein

Pein: Return him to the way he was, you say that so nonchalanty.
Pein: Return him to where exactly?
Pein: Even if we were to return him to where he was originally discovered, the undergrounds of New Mexico.

Pein: Just how is Pickle supposed to live among the future generations?

Pein: Right now the real question lies within the choice of just sending our problem to the distant future. Isn't that just humorous pretty talk that just sounds good to one's ears?

Army Official Stridum

Stridum:  I concur, We should take responsibility for him here and now.

Yoda: Mister Stridum, you of all people ... You did something with humanities greatest treasure, didn't you??

Yoda: From what I hear you put Pickle against fighters and martial artists ... You made him do something like fighting them!!

Someone: Is this true Mr. Stridum?

Stridum: It was a promise between me and Pickle.

someone: A promise!?

someone: You made a promise to Pickle, who cannot understand words!?

Stridum: It wasn't a promise made through the use of words.

someone: Don't give me that play on words bullshit.
someone: How stupid.

In the schools



Households ...

What should be done with Pickle was discussed.

Return him to the rock salt layer they found him in or let him live among in modern society.

In France, Europe, America, India. Congress.

Seeking the opinion of everyone around the globe.

The result of the poll of all the humans on earth. In fact there was only a difference of about 1000 people.

It was decided.

Mass Media:

Mister Pein what are your thoughts?? It was decided he will be put back.

Pein: It was a foolish decision. However it was the answer the whole world came up with.
Pein: We have no choice but to hold up our end.

Pein: Only a 1000 people difference. Humanity was foolish ...

Pein: For Pickle, this will be a pitiful way for it to end.

Pein: This problems impact in the future ...

Pein: The doors of mystery to the making of such a wondrous man ... will be forever closed.

Pein: This is ...??

Pein: Pickle!!? Why!!?


"Stridum, this is a token of appreciation", "A present for holding up to your promise"

Pickle smiling upon the entire world, disappears from Tokyo.

That unruly beast that cannot be ruled over by all of humanity!! This wild man leaves Tokyo!!


  1. Hey did pickle speak to stridum?

  2. This person is a genius.......

  3. Wtf just happened?

  4. 勇次郎はもう殺してほしいだいよ. あの大猿のようにな
    Would Yuujiro just kill him already like he did the yashazaru?

  5. yes in the pickle special i suggest you read it when pickle wakes up he takes out an entire army even america's top secret robot soldiers lol. Strydum comes in with another army and he strips naked and sits down and communicates somehow with him and becomes friends with him that's how they take him to Tokyo peacefully. Below a link

  6. Freedom Rights Leader Seto Uchijyakuchou

    It is so funny.. She is nun of buddism or the one who manage temple.

  7. Some Pages not appearing if u can just fast revise the pages in ur free time that will help alot (i appreciate you work) thanx very much.

  8. No, Pickle didn't speak. Its just an interpretation of his stance. He was thanking Stridom from the bottom of his heart.