It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Son Of Ogre 190

Chapter 190 - Because of those words ...

Baki who dictates his mother lived a life pursuing love and received payment in death. Kuriyagawa lashes out in anger towards him.

Kuriyagawa: The mistress was accepted as a woman, that may be so.

Kuriyagawa: The only person who received retribution was only the mistress' life, not yours.
Kuriyagawa: What is most important is your own life, you should have your own.

Baki: I know that.
Kuriyagawa: Really? From my point of view it doesn't look that way.
Baki: Are you really worrying about me?
Kuriyagawa: No, I'm scolding you.

Kuriyagawa: You only have one life to live, you shouldn't make light of that.

Kuriyagawa: You lived to fulfill your mothers wishes, and now live to fulfill your father, Hanma Yujiro.
Kuriyagawa: I'm sure the mistress would praise you saying you did well.
Kuriyagawa: Yujiro would surely praise you saying thats what one would expect a holder of Hanma Blood.

Kuriyagawa: But that notion is mistaken!
Kuriyagawa: Baki, just where does your life lay now?

Baki: I heard it.
Kuriyagawa: Heard?
Baki : The words of an angel.

Against my fathers direct hits, the fact that I didn't stand a chance was soaked into my very bones.
It was then ...

Against the strongest in all the world, my mother stood before him.

My mother with her diminutive body took a shot at him.
Emi: Yujiro!!
Then with such might words that can make your chest jump she roared those words.

Emi: I am your opponent!

Baki: You understand right? What it means to stand before Hanma Yujiro.
Baki: You understand? What it means to even touch that mans body.
Baki: You know what it means to get into a fight with him.

She sacrificed her own life to save me.

Baki: That's all I need. Those words are more than enough.
Baki: Those words for my remaining life, I would gladly exchange them.

Baki: It's because of those words that I was able to stay alive.
Baki: Because those words were said I was able to be strong.
Baki: Everything within me, all my strength, the grounds to all of it

Baki: Lie within those words.

Kuriyagawa: And with those words you're trying to become the worlds strongest being.

Baki: You're taking it a little too far Kuri-san.
Kuriyagawa: Having heard those same words, I'm ashamed of myself.

Kuriyagawa: I was mistaken. This Kuriyagawa was mistaken!
Baki: Um .. No ...

The feelings that won't become words. Only when made into a form does is it's meaning understood.

Speaking of his distant past with Mr.Kuriyagawa before him.
He began to realize it.
The strong wish to surpass his father.

His fate to defeat him.
That is his answer to his mothers kindness.

Not a means of taking revenge.

Surpassing his hatred. Even so, he aspires to defeat his father and fulfill her wishes. Baki heading towards his next battle hardens his resolve.


  1. Glorious. Manly tears were shed.
    Thank you very much for translating this.