It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Son of Ogre 207

A Family Quarrel without meeting. The fight between the strongest coming ever closer.

Chapter 207 - Home Cooking

Laying in a within his own sweat and blood, he prepares himself for the fight with his father.

Baki: .... As expected ... your incredible pops ...


Bacon and Eggs ...
Seaweed Miso Soup
Grilled Saury.

A heap of cabbage
A robust breakfast meal

Baki: You know ...

(He's imagining this little skit with Yujiro)

Baki: Isn't it a bit to salty, this miso soup.

Baki: No ... why .. you're saying ...?

Baki: I'm the one who wants to ask that because the person was made this ...

Baki: Was you, pops.

Baki: hmm ...
I am grateful you made this, but however you hear it ...

Baki: Understanding of taste is household cooking. it's your family that decides whether it tastes good or bad.

Baki: Like that ...

Baki: it'll begin just like that. Just a family quarrel that can be found anywhere.

Baki: Eh ...?

Baki: ....what?

Kozoe: Was there someone here? Who?

Baki: hahahaha, I get it.

Baki: Go ahead, look around until you're satisfied.

Kozoe: It's fine.

Baki: If you are that worried. Why don't you stay over more often...?

Kozoe: ........... I'll do that.

Kuriyagawa: Are you ok with just leaving by yourself?

Tokugawa: Hah, Staying there won't change anything.

Kuriyagawa: That is ...?

Tokugawa: Nails ... and Teeth ...

Tokugawa: The leftovers of dreaming warriors.

Tokugawa: In a certain meaning it represents ...

Tokugawa: The aspects of the human race ... no the essence ...

Tokugawa: Kuriyagawa ...

Kuriyagawa: ... Yes ..?

Tokugawa: The warriors, they are hungry for battle.

All the warriors are seeking out battles!! Even this master Shibukawa Gouki. Seeking somewhere to fight without restraints, he begins walking down the path to violence!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Son of Ogre 206

The petals scatter which opens the curtain to new battles.

Chapter 206 - Emperor

(Retsu to himself:)

Was this the only way to go about this .....?

Is it really ...?

Why did I have to pick this glove ....?
I chose the largest most damaged glove...
Why didn't I chose the newest small fitting glove instead ...?

It's because these were the easiest to tear.

This glove worn down from sweat and punches were the easiest to tear.

How cowardly of me ...

No matter how ...Retsu blames himself for that display

However the boxers know, the knowledge that's been carved into their very bones.
That gloves do not tear.

Even if punch it to a pulp, the glove will never break.

Gaiza: Be ... Beautiful.

Retsu: Let's stop this ... call it a day ...

Retsu: Please excuse my rudeness.
Retsu: That was just a trick, it has nothing to do with strength.

Gaiza: No!

Gaiza: Anyone is fine, is there anyone who can do what he just did?

Gaiza: To punch straight through a glove. Anyone that is a boxer would understand just how difficult to do that is.

Gaiza: The glove that is the symbol of a boxer, he took that and destroyed it.

Gaiza: This means war.

Gaiza: Men put on these gloves and with those 2 fists have intense competition comparing strength.

Gaiza: This deep but simple rule. It's been 150 years since the Marquess of Queensberry rules have come to play.

Gaiza: Those 150 years have just now been beaten. By the hands of 4000 years of Chinese fighting history.

Retsu: That's nonsense, All I did was ...

Gaiza: Shut up Retsu Kaio.

Gaiza: Those millions of dollars, they will come by the dozens ...
Gaiza: Do you not want this?

Retsu: Are you trying to insult ...

Gaiza: And ...

Gaiza: The monsters that will make people want to run, they'll come too.

Gaiza: The look in your eyes changed. You are truly a warrior.

Gaiza: I want you to leave things to me.

Gaiza: 150 years or 4000 years.

Gaiza: The world will jump at my matchmaking.
You will remain yourself, you are not "Boxer Retsu Kaio"

The Representative of 4000 years of Chinese History
Remain as "Chinese Kung Fu Retsu Kaio"
Remain as Retsu Kaioh.

Of course this will not be anything official, but Exhibition matches.

Gaiza: I can see it now.

Gaiza: The countless warriors left at your feet. But, there will be no belt at your waist.

Gaiza: Even if it's not there the world will know. The invisible belt hanging at your waist.

Gaiza: Why can't you see it?

Retsu: ...

The wheels of fate that have halted ...

Gaiza: It's because the shine will be to bright!!

The wheels of fate that have been chocked up, now ...

Gaiza: Mr. Retsu, I want you to accompany me.

by Gaiza's dynamic force ...

Off the the USA!

have started to move once again.

Coach: Wh ... Why did I have to come too?

Retsu Kaioh takes to the skies. It's decided he will jump into the boxing world. Heading towards the next fight, he's begun to move. The world will be overcome by the storm of battles!!!

Son of Ogre 205

The time has come at hand!!!

Chapter 205 - Beautiful Strike.

Narita Airport, near the exit.

The gateway to the skies Narita. Just who has come to this country!!?

Reporters: Mr. Gaiza, why did you come to Japan!!? There are no title matches here, so why!!?

Gaiza: I've come in response to a challenge to fight.

Reporter: Fight ...? Against you a promoter? From whom!!? Who is challenging you Mr. Gaiza?

Glasses: How long has he been like that?

Coach: 2 hours, going steady.
Coach: He won't skip rope, shadowbox, and strike the sandbag. Without doing neither he just faces the wall like that.

Glasses: Are you okay with this?

Coach: There's no way I'm OK with it.

Coach: However, we've been humbled by him during sparring. No one can win against him

Coach: Mani was taken out in one hit, even a heavyweights career was destroyed.

Coach: Now everyone is reluctant to fight him, probably anyone within this country.

Glasses: Looks like we've come across something terrible.

Coach: This can't be ...

Glasses: In this small time gym, Mr. Gaiza!!?

Glasses: Mr. Gaiza ...
Gaiza: Shut up.

Gaiza: Beautiful ......

Gaiza: Rumors from the peanut gallery don't hold anything convincing but with one glance I understand.

Gaiza: Being involved with the world for 40 years, I've never seen this much hitting muscle before.

Gaiza: You are called Kaioh, right? Can I have a word with you ...?

Retsu: Will you be quiet!!

Retsu: If you plan to get in the way of my practice then get out!

Gaiza: Beautiful.

Gaiza: I'm sorry.

Gaiza: Just one thing ...
Gaiza: Could you listen to my selfish request? Just one thing.

Gaiza: Your ...

Gaiza: Power. Show me it. Without running, could you show it to me?

Gaiza: ... One hand ...?

Gaiza: The large glove will have a heavier impact on the sandbag, he has more sense than the average person.

Gaiza: .....?

Gaiza: Shadow boxing? A stance?

Beautiful .....

The explosive beauty on this strike!! Retsu who's picked a fight with the boxing world. What is Gaiza's reaction!!?