It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Son of Ogre 207

A Family Quarrel without meeting. The fight between the strongest coming ever closer.

Chapter 207 - Home Cooking

Laying in a within his own sweat and blood, he prepares himself for the fight with his father.

Baki: .... As expected ... your incredible pops ...


Bacon and Eggs ...
Seaweed Miso Soup
Grilled Saury.

A heap of cabbage
A robust breakfast meal

Baki: You know ...

(He's imagining this little skit with Yujiro)

Baki: Isn't it a bit to salty, this miso soup.

Baki: No ... why .. you're saying ...?

Baki: I'm the one who wants to ask that because the person was made this ...

Baki: Was you, pops.

Baki: hmm ...
I am grateful you made this, but however you hear it ...

Baki: Understanding of taste is household cooking. it's your family that decides whether it tastes good or bad.

Baki: Like that ...

Baki: it'll begin just like that. Just a family quarrel that can be found anywhere.

Baki: Eh ...?

Baki: ....what?

Kozoe: Was there someone here? Who?

Baki: hahahaha, I get it.

Baki: Go ahead, look around until you're satisfied.

Kozoe: It's fine.

Baki: If you are that worried. Why don't you stay over more often...?

Kozoe: ........... I'll do that.

Kuriyagawa: Are you ok with just leaving by yourself?

Tokugawa: Hah, Staying there won't change anything.

Kuriyagawa: That is ...?

Tokugawa: Nails ... and Teeth ...

Tokugawa: The leftovers of dreaming warriors.

Tokugawa: In a certain meaning it represents ...

Tokugawa: The aspects of the human race ... no the essence ...

Tokugawa: Kuriyagawa ...

Kuriyagawa: ... Yes ..?

Tokugawa: The warriors, they are hungry for battle.

All the warriors are seeking out battles!! Even this master Shibukawa Gouki. Seeking somewhere to fight without restraints, he begins walking down the path to violence!!


  1. Sonikku, this is Ichido Reichan. WFP Leader.

    We haven't met and I believe I wrote you once, without response obviously, but as you can see, how many scripts have you worked on and nobody has scanlated anything? any edition or significant help on anybody's part besides "thank you's"?

    That's the very reason why the WFP was created, and the same reason why we keep going on.

    I got the chapters you are looking for, I got even a subscription to Shonen champion.

    If you are willing to join forces in a serious effort, I can even supply you with the missing chapters and upcoming chapters but we gotta discuss this in person, It will be so easy for me to just take your scripts and modify them and post them, but that's not what gentlemen do, so email me at the fang's email address and let's find out a common goal which both we can work on.

    Someone said "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" and for all the noise and lazy efforts, yours is the only one I came to respect. so yes, if you need those chapters, I have them, and any chapter you might need in the future.


    here's the proof.

  3. Thanks, always good to read another chapter.

  4. WFP/Anonymouse: Yeah, a sweet deal for one done with the Devil.

  5. Thank you very much. You made my day.

  6. Thanks a million and 4 or was I near 3, at any rate thanks a lot man I have been waiting some something like this a long time now, for some reason those WFP don't decide to make anything public and keep it to themselves.
    That's fine with me cause that's their own choice to make, I just want to say I think it's freaking awesome what you are doing and hope you keep up the good work.

    As one baki fan to another I salute you brother.

  7. And ofcourse I'd like to help out for real, but it seems to me WFP just doesnt understand there is nothing I can do to help, I don't know a word japanese and my english isn't that great either.

    So I am sorry but a few thank you's is all I can offer my friend.

  8. Ichido Reichan go away you greedy douche,
    your the only person that charges for scanlation.

    Now we don't need you any more we can read Baka here you can keep your scanlations.

  9. chingy, please post or direct me to the site where IT SAY "come here and pay for this"?
    anywhere? where? oh wait yeah...NOWHERE...

    also,let's not play stupid or ignorant when makes about $2000+ monthly in revenue from advertisers and mangafox gets about 4 million clicks daily and a bunch of money in online advertising, believe chingy, everyone wants funds, donations and what have you, sonikku decided to get serious just recently (thank god,I'll save money by just using his scripts) and that's something worth of praise, I was betting in that he was going to work in 3 volumes after dropping it, cool, I believe we got a free translator for the rest of the series after!

    and as cynical as it sounds, all of you came here after reading the WFP versions, right?
    so even though I finished all the "search" and the current "public" son of ogre release is vol 16, is not enough for the "thankful" fans that won't lift a finger to help, well, I might as well retire and join the legion of leechers that just claim for more baki.

    But anyway, back to the topic...

    still waiting for the response, even if this is no.

    yeah...hahaha...,I got y'all scared that I'll hire sonikku away from you!! bwhaahahaa....

    Sonikku man, ya know where to find me...

  10. |~_~|

    Well I can't just ignore this, can I? I'll at least listen to what you have to say. Let's talk this out I suppose, I prefer IRC.

  11. From the way you're speaking Ichido, you're acting like you've already one yet.

    Here's something you may have forgotten while you had your head shoved up your ass, you can't snap your fingers and learn japanese in a week or so, or I'm sure the "clamoring leechers" would be more than happy to help, also, I'm sure most of us don't have easy access to a japanese subscription of the damn magazine.

    But here's the grilling point, you call everyone else leechers, yet you all(scanlators) themselves rip off the artist in the most egregious fashion just like us, so your self righteous clamoring is comical at best.

    You think you grabbing Sonikku has people craven? As much as you embarrassed yourself on several forums? Get real, there's more manga out there to read since this blog is obviously done now, but you're a sad man indeed, more sadder than any of us leechers.

  12. Wow. So there is another way to read this manga gone. (Or so it seems)

    The funny thing about WFP is, that I wouldn't even mind paying a few bugs to read Baki or other mangas but you don't even get the chance to do so.
    I read a few scanlations of them, was on their facebook page but didn't find any way to "join the WFP community".
    The more I hear about WFP, the more it seems like an elite club of scanlators that want to keep their work for themselfs - not that I would mind that but now it even looks like they want to erase every other source of translation.

    Makes me sad. :/

    Btw ichigo: IF there is any way to really get into the WFP, you should just write it clearly on your facebook page. Atm it is just confusing.

  13. Keiryon, I suggest you get more information on Ichido before you just leap right into asking him for membership. There's more red flags than you can ever want if you know where to look, but I'm done.

  14. I appreciate the translations, and I'm not going to tell you to tell WFP to fuck off-- but I will request for you not to make the translations exclusive. Ichido has pulled some malicious and disrespectful shit over the years (which I've seen both first-hand and second) that killed any other groups putting an effort into scanning Baki.

    At this point I'm happy with what I can get, and even if it is text (which you were kind enough to post beside raw images).

  15. F*ck you Ichigo Reishit...
    You are a joke...

  16. Keiryon: facebook issues, PM me there, I believe there's a date set for joining.

    Second: talk is cheap, words are taken by the wind, hate me as much as you want, but I wanted to be the bad guy on this and so far is working wonderfully, Sonikku is your hero now right? he'll give you what I don't want to give huh?

    sweet cause I want free scripts too, that's why I'm here to "see if something interesting can be done" too.

    I think if you have time to insult me, you better praise sonikku for working on 3 volumes without anybody's help, unlike other people that LOVES praise for stuff they didn't do, or only translate chapters they want and skip the boring ones, sure, hate me, call me any names but I don't owe you A THING, and I'm not forced to offer my services for the public, WFP it went private back in 2006, WFP IS MINE!! and I do whatever the fuck I want as long as the members get whatever we agreed on, you don't see people complaining unless they got kicked out for being RATS (any ex members around? oh yeah "YOU")

    But is in both our interests "Ichido and sonikku" this deal Im about to make, and eventually all you little fuckers are going to benefit from it, so let the big cats discuss and you go, sit down and do nothing as always, online reading sites have 100.000 titles, why you should care for one? even if it's baki.

  17. I apologize sonikku, got caught in the fire...

    we can mee there and chat a bit, tell me day and date.

  18. If you want to test a man's character, give him power.

  19. You know what, I said I was done here, but seriously, Fuck.You. Ichigo. You're a sad little man, that you and your little comic club is your source of pride. We may be leechers, but atleast all of us have other things going on in our lives that we don't have to troll forums calling out all the parasites like we're on some moral high ground.

    Once again, Fuck You Ichigo. You talk around people like a damn princess, I was the rat who leaked your shit, fucking call me by name, you had no problems posting my personal shit up, but I wish you had posted my cc #, as I would've sued your punkass for whatever I could. There's a lot of other series I can read other than Baki, so you're seriously not hurting me with your bitchmade games that have become par for the course regarding you. If Sonikku had a donation link up I would've donated without a prob, as atleast he was doing this without getting a messiah complex.

    Sonikku: Sorry for polluting your blog with this, and I appreciate all the work you've done, peace.

  20. most funny thing is you thought you gonna get away...really.

  21. And yet another WFP troll rears its head, yeah, i thought I was gonna get away, when the the srk baki thread was at near the top of the google search lists, and I had all my personal information on my profile, yeah, that was one hell of a clever hiding attempt on my part.

    As well as I most certainly didn't see through Ichigo's ridiculously obvious guise as a Hokuto no Gun staff member, WFPs just too smart for me!


  22. I just wanted to say thanks to Sonikku for all the work done.

    I don't know the background between WFP, baki, and all the apparent hate that it is going on, but I can see why it would spawn hate considering how Ichido answers back. I find it interesting that you act all high and mighty ichido, just because you run WFP.

    I appreciate WFP work because I found about baki that way, and I respect your decision to go private, but you acting like that won't get you anywhere.

    Hell, with all the problems that seem to be arising, I think I will take the job of acquiring baki now, and providing scanlations so that we can all enjoy this series. One of my personal favorites.

  23. ryzeki, Ichido is trying to reach a deal with sonikku here...he will provide scans he's missing and obviously yes, he will post them here with translations, in exchange, he'll ask for something in return, I fail to see the "high and mighty" here since ichi's the one coming here offering stuff.

    and that offering of yours sounds amazing, but I've been reading 7 years and this is the only effort worth noticing (sonikku's and ichido's) so before you offer anything, don't say anything, do it, but I really don't know what you can offer, it's all done by these two.

  24. It seems to me what Ichido is offering sonikku is payment for closing down his Baki blog so no one can have access to Baki. Thus, making WFP the only source to get Baki on the internet.

    Sonikku, there are tons of us here - I am sure that whatever Sonikku offers you as payment, we can beat it with donations. Please consider your blog readers before you accept any deals.

  25. Hmmnn, well I've given this some thought. I've decided to hear Ichido put at least. The weird thing is that I've been emailed by WFP before some time ago and he ignored my response, thought they wanted nothing to do with me so I just went on to my own devices.

    I'm going to be on at 4PM eastern time(if that's good for ichido), I want the viewers of this site to be there if possible. I want to hear your honest opinion. Hopefully the channel has 'Ops' and 'Voice' control.

    Plz no flaming or cursing, it's just such a buzz kill. Don't come with that intent.

    As for this blog, I have no intention of stopping. I have plans to make this site into a shrine of some sorts. I've been writing character profiles and such recently.

    So in conclusion 4PM eastern time(I live in NYC)

  26. Sonniku you are the man, many thanks for taking time out to provide clear accessible translations.

    Will you still be posting via this blog?

  27. What agreement did you come to? I was at work so I couldn't arrive in the channel.

  28. I was away for a while, so I didn't get to attend the 4 pm eastern thing. Any info on what happened would be great.


  29. hey soniku i just found your site the other day and have been addicted to it. i had been looking for translated baki for so long. just wanted to say thanks for the hard work you do. I also gotta say thanks to the wfp because without them i would have never found out about baki. so if this is your last translation wanted to say thanks for at least letting me see the baki/pickle fight in english.

  30. I'm going to be on at 4PM eastern time(if that's good for ichido)

    It's good for me, but It has to be on sunday june 6, 4 pm is 1 Pm seattle time.

    Hmm...more people will be there...interesting...I guess I will have no surprises for any of them...

  31. I decided to change the location to at 4PM eastern time/1 pm pacific time on sunday June 06

    In this way Sonikku, you and me we both gonna be the mods if you decide someone crossed the line, I'll agree on whatever you said since you are the honor guest in this meeting.

    Whoever gets to show up to this meeting will receive an special "exclusive" treat from the WFP archives, no point on saying "I'm WFP" if I can't prove it with something amazing and unique that everyone will spread on later, am I right?

    Dont forget to invite our old friends from ritual scanforge, specially my old pal tophunter, everyone is more than welcome to assist with changed names as I won't be really showing up with the intentions of flame wars, I'd even answer questions too :)

  32. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

  33. Alright it's settled then, I'll be there at 4PM on Sunday June 06.

  34. Would anyone mind telling me what's going to happen with this and ofcourse share that gift :p

  35. Well I'm a happy camper! I'll be keeping an eye on the blog, to see future updates. Thanks Soniku & Ichido for letting me attend.

  36. hey sonniku, can i know where can i read
    the Jack and Pickle Fight?

    Many Thanks my friend (:

  37. Look for my posts on ritual forge's forums.

  38. Thanks for the great trans Soniku!
    We really love the work you put in.
    Fuck WFP. Money hungry scum. The only person who should be profiting from Baki is Itagki.

  39. Fuck ichigo. I'll donate,too, soniku! Love baki! Thanks!

  40. thank u for the hard work my friend. greatly appreciated. I will donate anytime:) peace