It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Son of Ogre 211

Roaring Thunder, a single warrior begins to move.

Chapter 211 - Ogre Fireworks.

Beautiful fireworks that scatter across the sky. As if to signal the start of something grand.

At this night, a festive custom is held. A fireworks festival.
The clouds are high, and the conditions of favorable.

The miracle ...

The festival was over without any incidents.
The onlookers filled the streets.

... happened then.

Reporter: Please look it this image.

This brozne statue that looks down upon us, it struck by lightning.
The place is the onlookers facility during the fireworks festival.

In the spectators area was about 7000 people within the area.
Just above them was running 10million volts of electricity.

In spite of this no one was hurt. Why is this?

Please look at once more at this image.

Now this is a shocking image.

The lighting that fell upon the bronze statue has amazingly ...

... managed to pass onto a civilian passing by.

Tokyo University attendee - Miyashita Tsutomu

Reporter: Miyashita-Sensei, please explain.

Miyashita: This is only just a guess since I've never seen anything like it before.

Miyashita: But one things for sure, because of this one man, the 7000 people ontop the bridge were saved.

Repoter: After getting struck this man ... just walked away as if nothing happened.

Reporter: This is a enlarged image.

Being able to just see the skull ... This expression looks like anger ...?

Reporter: Sensei, is this even possible?

Miyashita: The fact that he walked away as if nothing happened or the angry skull?

Reporter: Both of these.

Miyashita: Both of these are impossible.

Miyashita: Lightning can carry 1000000000 Volts. The human body doesn't stand a chance.

Miyashita: This man's body must be pretty unique.

Reporter: Unique?

Miyashita: For example ...The red cell blood ratio would be abnormally high. A body constitution close to metal.

Miyashita: Its a trait that's found in first rate olympic athletes.

Reporter: Because he his build was close to metal he was shocked ...?

Miyashita: Well, that's one inference.

Reporter: So because his bodies makeup is close to metal, he is fine just being shocked ...?

Miyashita: No, not at all. There's no way it's just fine.

There isn't a body that can withstand such voltage.

Reporter: Then ... why ...?

Miyashita: ....

It must be an amazingly strong person!!? Anyway, an incredibly strong individual ...? haha ...

House of Tokugawa:

Tokugawa: Hmpt. This is Tokyo University's representative? This is a joke.

Tokugawa: He's missing the essential information.

Tokugawa: The properties that lightning has and it's behavior.

Tokugawa: For example lighting hits a plane, but the passengers are safe and sound.

Tokugawa: That's because there are many safety devices set upon several spots on the plane. In other words the falling lightning will leave through the most sharp pointed area.

Tokugawa: That bridge where people and cars are on. Then that prank playing lightning strikes ...

Tokugawa: Unfortunately it was searching for a place to discharge. Searching for the sharpest place ... searching ... like this ...

It searches for the most well honed sharp existence.

Tokugawa: Finally it's has been found, the sharpest most pointed forged existence.

Tokugawa: Hmpt, just as one would expect. There's no better choice than that.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Son of Ogre 210

There's a person I must defeat!!

Chapter 210 - The Phenomenon of Liquefaction

The fighters are hungry for battle ... What of Baki who's fight with his father comes ever closer.

Baki: This isn't enough ...

Baki: Hard ... It's just like it's solid ...

Baki: There's still muscle ... The muscle hasn't melted away ...

Baki: Liquify ... Liquify ... the body ...

Baki: Well, Well ... It's been awhile ... Teacher ...

Baki: There's just no excuse. My ability ... Even now it doesn't compare to yours.

Baki: Just when did I even begin ...starting to observe and learn from you.

Baki: Wrapped in mystery, Your incredible motion capacity .

Baki: Overflowing with fascination, a treasure of kinematics.

Baki: Your history colored with disgust and rejection.

However ...


Compared to all the other species who are hailed for their speed.

Within all of them the one who stands on top. An existence who can reach full speed right from the very start of it's movement.

There's no need to even accelerate. Just maximum from the start!!


Therefore ... that speed ...

If ... they were at a comparable size to a human ...

They would hit a speed of 270km.


Just ... how amazing that achievement is ...

If humanity wanted to start at a speed of 270km ...

There's no other means than this ...!!!

In other words death ...


With the use of muscle fibers ...that height of ability cannot be realized ...!

One day I witnessed it ...

... Your insides ...


It was a great hint.

It's not muscle ... not even muscle fibers ...

The insides were a white colored liquid.

What supported it's 270km burst of speed was not well made muscle fiber ... but fluid.


Finally, I've caught up to you ...

The Roach was his master ...!!? The tunnel to victory is guided by the roaches speed.

Son of Ogre 209

The living legend of the Karate world. Searching for a place to fight he wanders.

Chapter 209 - Soliciting for a fight

Salivating at the mouth for battle. The Master goes through his daily rounds.

Gouki: Eventually I'm going to be caught, If I just keep doing this over and over.

Beanie: Hah!? You're a master old man?

Doppo: Well .... Yeah ... In Karate that is.

Beanie: So you a master of Karate

Jacket: Well to me it looks like you can do Judo or wrestling to me.

Doppo: Naw, I don't fight with Judo or wrestling.

Beanie: So you want to fight, do you old man?

Jacket: It looks like your of an old age too.

Doppo: I don't like fighting it out, but I do like fighting to win. One sided of course.

Beanie: Just what I'd expect from a master. Your ahead of us alright!

Jacket: If your a master then I'm sure your fought with animals right? Like Bulls?

Doppo: Sure, Of course.
Doppo: In my case not Bulls, but Tigers.

(Beanie and jacket laugh it up, but bearded guy looks on calmly)

Beanie: So you're a Tiger Killer old man?

Jacket: So in other words pops,

Jacket: You're strong in a fight.

Doppo: Hmmnn ...Well in terms on fighting, I'm in the territory of Gods.

Beanie: Old man ...

Beanie: We are delinquents after all, we're all for fighting.
Beaine: Want have a fight? With us?

Beard: You should stop.

Beanie: Stay out of this baldy.

Doppo: Well, that's up to you guys.

Beanie: Then it's settled. Here's the tab.

Vendor: Yes, thanks for coming.

Beanie: What are you doing pops? The fight has already started.

Beard: Baldy, is it?

Jacket: Wha ...

Beard: Hey.

Jacket: !

Doppo: You pretty awful, those two were interested in me.

Beard: There's limits to just how obnoxious a person can be. You aren't at a level where you need to brag of your strength to the delinquents who think they're strong. Mr. Orochi Doppo.

Doppo: Can I hear about you now?

Beard: Shinmeikatsu Satsu Ryu - Funai Rei.

(Something like "Flowing Heart Killing Technique")

Doppo: Well looks like you know about me ...

Doppo: So then let's get this started ...

Doppo: This is getting dangerous. To just run into someone like this.

Doppo: Someone with this caliber, isn't something you come across often.

This situation is worsening ...

JinChu - Vital point in the midline of the head. Hit at the right angle it can kill, send opponent into a coma, and completely stop the opponent.

Having these repeated fights with civilians ...

I'll eventually kill someone ...

... if I keep doing this.

Doppo seeks out the satisfy his own hunger for the fight, but still feeling discontent. He needs to find Coaching fast!