It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Son of Ogre 200

I'm not going to let this gaze wonder anymore!!

Chapter 200 - Heaven's Decree

A white picture is taken by X-Ray. It reveals that life ending sickness spreading throughout his entire body. With this cruel reality before him, how will Tokugawa face this? What are his feelings?

Tokugawa: I've been cursed ...

Kureha: .... a curse ...?

Tokugawa: Yes, surely.

Kureha: .... well ...

Tokugawa: This is heavens judgment upon me. I've misunderstood Gods will.

Kureha: ... Could you elaborate ...

Tokugawa: Fool.

Tokugawa: What is my duty!?

Kureha: Hmm, I can't explain it in just one phrase. You are a man of the financial world.

Tokugawa: You don't get it do you Kureha?

Tokugawa: You could say I'm a "consultant for matramony"

Kureha: ... matramony.?

Tokugawa: Those people spread about the world ...

Tokugawa: That want to fight, want to fight, want to fight. Those guys that desperately want to fight.

Kureha: I see ... I get it now.

Tokugawa: To find a worthy opponent for them and set up a meeting. THAT is God's will that has been given to me.

Kureha: It's exactly as you say.

Tokugawa: Alright!

Tokugawa: Kureha, do you want to fight with Orochi Doppo!!?

Kureha: How sudden, haha.

Tokugawa: Do you want to fight!!?

Kureha: However, no matter how badly I might want to fight him. What are Orochi's feelings on the matter ...

Tokugawa: What is Doppo wanted to fight you ... !!?

Kureha: haha, I really don't know.

Tokugawa: Don't want to ....?

Kureha: This is troublesome .... haha ...

Tokugawa: "If Kureha and I fight it will be murder". That Orochi Doppo has been saying that.

Kureha: Well then I just let that go. I'll just have to prove otherwise.

Tokugawa: There! Right there!

Tokugawa: How the hell cares about the motive. Just setting up a meeting is enough. The fighter's that what to fight, just setting up a meeting.

Doppo, Hanayama, Koshou, Gaia, Shibukawa, Kureha ...

Tokugawa: I won't concern myself with their reasons, the minute they meet it's begun!

Tokugawa: Even knowing this, I've been playing with time.

Tokugawa: Kureha, leave everything to me!

Kureha: Wait, what!!?

Baki: Eh!!? Boxing ....!!?

Katsumi: That's right, Boxing.

Baki: Why ...!? He's Master Retsu Kaioh, holder of the greatest honor within Chinese Kempo. The Kaioh name.

Baki: Why would he become a boxer ...

Katsumi: Not as a boxer. Retsu Kaioh will ultimately remain himself. With his own style he will step into the ring.

Baki: ... then ...

Katsumi: He won't use Boxing technique. He will just use Chinese Kempo to fight.

Baki: In such a soft place ... the world of boxing.

Katsumi: There's no why it' "soft"

Katsumi: No matter how you look it at, that world isn't naive.

Katsumi: "Hit before getting hit". That simple game has been going on for over 150 years.

Katsumi: The 4000 years of Chinese Kempo history. The worth and the weight it carries can't be expressed ... however.

Katsumi: Boxing, which is used as a modern sport. It's history is just over 150 years. If you look it the speed of it's growth, Chinese Kempo does not compare.

Katsumi: Specialized armed combat is truly terrifying.

Katsumi: It will test the present Retsu Kaioh.

Katsumi: And tomorrow ...

Baki: What is Retsu weight?

Katsumi: 106 kilo's.

Baki: Damn ... How far will he go ...?

Katsumi: Of course, till he losses. It's the mans character.

Baki: That's stupid.

Coach: Retsu.

Retsu: Yes?

Coach: Put on your gloves.

Coach: It's Sparring, hurry up.

Retsu: With whom ...?

Coach: A starting practitioner shouldn't think useless things. Just do as I tell you.

Retsu: I understand.

Coach: I didn't want to do anything too rough. However we've got to show our pride here. Maybe.

Coach: This is what you wanted. An opponent where you could go all out on and you martial art would be useless.

Coach: A live in the flesh Heavyweight.


  1. Thank you, Glad to see your feeling better.

  2. Thanks again Sonikku, glad to see you feeling better as well

    Itagaki could really research better, I know Boxing is the laughingstock of Bakiville, but if he'd actually do his research, he'd see Boxing has a history of atleast 3000 years, if you look beyond the London Prize Ring. :/

  3. He is mocking traditional boxing. What you two above are referring to is simply pugilism, the art of hitting without being hit. There is no one style. Martial arts should be formless much how Sun Tzu said of military strategy.

  4. he did mention the long history of boxing in earlier chapters he meant modern boxing

  5. thanks for the scans and trans, i'm really glad @_@