It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Son of Ogre 214

Just aiming for the sharp things!

Chapter 214 - Fighting Experience.

Giant vs Martial Artist. Just where will this lead?

Reporter: Mister Retsu. What are you accomplishments and career as a fighter.

Retsu: I should have explained this before ...

Retsu: Entering Byakku Rinji at age 4. From then on the days of training and practice.

Reporter: What is your record?

Retsu: These were all unrecognized matches. All of the matches were never recorded.

Reporter: Then within those matches what are you win losses?

Retsu: I've never counted them. The matches I've won, nor the ones I've lost.

Reporter: Under what rules?

Retsu: Rules ...?

Reporter: These weren't under boxing rules right?

Retsu: Frankly, there were all matches to compare strength.

Reporter: MMA's meet and throw down rules, right?

Retsu: Throw down ...?

Retsu: I have no experience with matches under rules. Just who is the stronger one.

Reporter: I know it's insulting to ask but your leg ...

Retsu: I've lost this leg in a match with a friend.

Retsu: These things happen, fighting matches come with that risk.

Reporter: I'll ask Mr Gaiza, does this match has any rules?

Gaiza: 2 Man take their 2 fists and compare their strength. That is the rule.

Reporter: So that doesn't make this boxing ...?

Gaiza: Whatever you want to call it, you guys decide. It's just an Exhibition match.

Reporter: Even if you say it's just Exhibition, the opponent is a world champion.

Gaiza: All I do is promote matches. I line them up and say "If you want to, have at it"

Gaiza: Futhermore, "There two monsters are going to fight, if you want to see, go ahead"

Coach: Haha. Your match is a fight against a world champ. Just what one would expect from you Retsu.

Coach: It's only your debut and ...

Coach: You're looking down on us ...

Retsu: I'm doing no such thing.

Coach: You're looking down the nose at Boxing.

Coach: Your career in only two sparring matches.

Coach: Are you trying to act like a world champion?

Coach: This is a good opportunity.

Coach: If you can see it, dodge ...

Coach: ... it!

Coach: Well, Bruce Lee? Can't you see this punch from a boxer that's been retired for 10 years?

Coach: A Boxer's Jab is that fast!

Coach: If you fight him you will get killed!

Coach: Refuse that match. That's the least amount of courtesy you can show the champion.

Coach: We have no business in Las Vegas anymore. By tomorrow we're heading back. Whatever Gaiza says anything or not.

Coach: He's just a promoter anyway.

Coach: eh? Eh!!?

Retsu: I'm sorry, I dislocated it by force of habit.

Coach: You ... You saw it?

Retsu: I had no intention of dodging it.

Retsu: Mister Hanada, you've put yourself in the boxing world for so long. You're anger for me is well deserved.

Retsu: That punch was the punishment for hurting you.

Retsu: However, For me, what Martial Arts is to me.

Retsu: Please try to understand.

Coach: ....... Well it is an Exhibition. Let's stay for a little longer.

Retsu: Many Thanks.

With his strong hearted trainer with him, Retsu raising the curtains at America's Boxing World!!

Son of Ogre 213

Not losing the the rain... Not losing the the wind... and not losing to the father!

Chapter 213 - Maneuver

A character from the martial arts world - Retsu, How will the boxing world accept him!!?

Gaiza: Kaioh Retsu!!

Gaiza: I thank you for your act of friendship.

Gaiza: I tried to promote you with everything I had but ... all I got was the cold shoulder.

Gaiza: If you hadn't step in when you did ... I would have been beaten to the floor by now.

Gaiza: I thank you from my heart.

Gaiza: Heee ...

Champ: What is the meaning of this Gaiza. This is not your ring. This is my ring.

Booing ...

More Booing ...

Champ: As you heard. If you don't want to get thrown out leave the ring now.

Gaiza: You say the strangest things.

Gaiza: Being a former world champion, and even now a superstar. Andre Warefu

Gaiza: Everyone here would surely humble within your presence.

Gaiza: With the exception of this man.

Gaiza: This man came here to humiliate you. More so, not just you alone. He came here to trample Boxing itself.

Champ: Gaiza ...

Champ: This small man, with that body. Just how will he do this ....?

Retsu: In Japan they have this saying. Big head, little wit.

Retsu: You American's can't possibly understand. You only think of the body as a lump of muscle.

Retsu: You will never grasp the Martial arts created under 4000 years of influence.

Champ: Hahaha, Mister Retsu there is not a pro wrestling ring.

Champ: Cheap taunt and provocations won't get you anywhere.

Gaiza: Retsu. I've made a stage to display your power.

Gaiza: I'm sure to you it's a stupid performance with no meaning but ... doing these will be the best way for the Americans to understand. Show them.

With one powerful blow.

Retsu: Mister Gaiza.

Retsu: Weren't you an official promoter? Breaking something like this ... just who will be pleased?

Gaiza: ... what?

Retsu: There's something way better.

Retsu: The biggest thing here. The toughest thing. That has the most meaning in breaking apart.

Gaiza: ... Retsu ...

Cheering ...

Champ: My career in hitting people starting from Karate.

Champ: We can fight with bare fists if you'd like, Mister Retsu.

Audience: Do it! Break him in two!

Audience: It didn't split into two ... It turned to sand. The block turned to sand ...

Gaiza: Whoa ... these means war.

Gaiza: The Dragon vs The Gorilla.

Gaiza: The worlds greatest, most exciting Exhibition match.

Giant vs Martial Arts. Retsu who challenges Boxing history. What will become of this match!?

Son of Ogre 212

The curtains to a new Chinese Kempo history, finally opens!!

Chapter 212 - Pretentious display

Las Vegas, the entertainment area filled with lust and desire. A man not matching this environment sets foot here.

Hotel Ceasars Palace.

Gaiza: Since we've arrived at Vegas, you haven't said one word.

Gaiza: Kaioh Retsu, maybe ... this room a prepared. The Special Suite isn't to your liking?

Retsu: I was just thinking about it. This city that we've rushed off to. Just what is it that I don't like about it.

Gaiza: As I thought, isn't to your liking?

Retsu: I've come to a conclusion.

Gaiza: Well I can imagine what you're thinking.

Retsu: There is nothing real in this city.

Retsu: Not one thing here is original.

Retsu: In the middle of this desert which grass doesn't even grow. This many human made objects. Created by passion and labor, nothing is forbidden here.

Retsu: However, everything here is fake.

Retsu: Plants that cannot thrive in these conditions. Extravagant Structures.

Retsu: Fake Goddess, Fake Tower, Fake Arches, Fake Sphinxes, Fake Pyramids.

Gaiza: But!

Gaiza: All the facsimiles are first class.

Gaiza: Kaioh Retsu, whether it's real of fake it serves it's purpose.

Gaiza: Within this world Retsu Kaioh, there are a lot of 3rd rate "real" things out there.

Gaiza: Actually those 3rd rate things probably outnumber everything.

Gaiza: A facsimile that's just an conventional as the real thing. Can you say "I've never encountered that."?

Coach: Hey now.

Retsu: I see, it's probably just as Gaiza says.

Retsu: Even within our Chinese martial arts there are imitations taken from us. Conventional as it is, it's a real martial art that was mischievously made to fruition.

(soniku: Wonder if he's talking about Karate?)

Gaiza: This fake city .... Welcome to Las Vegas.

Coach: Hey, should you be drinking?

Retsu: If I'm going to drink this I'm not going up into the ring.

Gaiza: If that happens show me your drunken fist.

Coach: Amazing. Of course I knew he was a former Champion ... but when seeing the real thing it sure surpassing your expectations.

Retsu: What's his size?

Gaiza: Height 237cm, Weight 151kg

Coach: He went up there!

Gaiza: Ladies and Gentlemen, everyone ....

Gaiza: Since the enactment of the Queensberry rules 150 years has passed. Now is a time of grave danger for modern boxing. A powerful enemy has appeared.

Gaiza: With 4001 years of Chinese Martial Art history, a Dragon has finally appeared.

Kaioh !!!

Retsu !!!

Coach: He followed him up there ...

Gaiza: I thank you for your friendship.

Feeling he's risen up into the boxing ring!! How will Retsu face this!!?