It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Son of Ogre 217

Beautiful and strong, that striking fist. That's the fist of the one who continues to prove Chinese Kempo is the strongest..

Chapter 217 - Million Dollars

That pile of money. The proof of ones victory!!

Gaiza: Welcome.

Gaiza: Retsu Kaioh.

Gaiza: Last night's Fight, this is the response from that super technique you use.

Retsu: This is mine?

Gaiza: Overnight, you became the most renown Chinese man in America. Since this morning I've been having people trying to contact me. Well that's to be expected.

Gaiza: All of America witnessed it. A glove that wasn't moving at all, suddenly punches his face like that.

Reporter: What are your feelings now?

Retsu: I already knew the outcome. All I've done is proven the superiority of Chinese martial arts.

Repoeter: That finishing blow. You did like this. From just touching him, you went to punching him.

Retsu: Musunkei. Or rather No-Inch punch ....

Reporter: No inch ...?

Retsu: Anyway ... Your people's Kempo Boxing, it's still very young. I want to show you what a "mature" fist can do in a fight. Hurry and bring forth another strong rival.

Gaiza: With that phrase you spoke, you made the world your enemy.It's just as I said, the millions will come by the dozens.

Gaiza: Followed by those monsters that would make people want to run. Well then, take this and go home.

Retsu: How much is there?

Gaiza: In dollars there's 200 million. In weight there's 20 kilo's. I've prepared a case for you, it should fit.

Retsu: I understand. I don't know how this money was produced. If you say I can have it then I will accept it.

Retsu: What's are you doing?

Gaiza: Eh?

Retsu: That uncouth pose that your making behind my money.

Retsu: Not "Take it and go home". You will put the money into that case and hand it to me. If you don't I'll break those legs of yours.

Retsu: Thank you.

Gaiza: I've prepared a car for you.

Retsu: You have my thanks.

Driver: Would you like Brandy Mister Retsu.

Retsu: No, I would like Oolong Tea.

Driver: I'm sorry but we don't carry Tea.

Retsu: How inconvenient.

Retsu makes his explosive debut in America. From American Boxing to the next enemy. The wheels of fate start to spin for all the fighters.

Son of Ogre 216

Chinese history's great history. Here's it's appearance to the world.
Chapter 216 - Situation of grave danger

Despite his size such fast footwork. Just what one would expect from a world champion. How will Retsu respond?

Coach: Can he move against that?

Retsu: hmpt.

Height 237cm
Weight 151 kilos

Being so big, he uses that flowing footwork.

If that's how it is ...

Champ: !?
Coach: !!

Coach: Ah! You idiot!

Audience: He lowered his waist in the corner. Does he plan to throw the fight.

Champ: With me as your opponent you went into the corner ... In boxing that's the most dangerous place to be. Didn't think you'd go there by yourself.

Champ: Well I'm sure you understand what's going to happen from here on out.

Judge: Hey, what's the problem. Stand and Fight! Stand up and fight!

Retsu: Whats the meaning of you stepping in. I'm not sitting down.

I'm only lowering my hips, I'm still standing though.

Retsu: Anyway I don't like the idea of "fighting" this person. I have no intention of "fighting" with Valev. I have no intention of hitting him or being hit.

Judge: Do you plan to forfeit without letting out one jab?

Retsu: I will suppress him, without letting one jab fly.

Champ: Move aside Mr. Mirusu.

Champ: If you don't move I won't be able to reign over him.

Judge: OK!

Champ: Fufu ....

The giant Valev was practically giddy. The meeting of a mysterious fighting style he could have never imagined ...

... and probably, the confidence of surpassing it without fail.

Valev: !? !? !?

Valev: !

Valev: !? !?

(soniku: LOL at this scene. Love that clueless expression.)

Retsu: Musunkei ...
(Retsu' trademark point blank punch)

The last thing Valev saw ... was one camera man.

Headline! Valev's head disappears!

The speed of that punch which even the camera couldn't capture!! Valev has his head spun so fast it looks as if his head disappears! Demon Fist Retsu Kaioh conquers the giant!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Son of Ogre 215

The sleeping tiger, he begins his fight with the boxing world.

Chapter 215 - Baffling

With many escorts and his lion heart trainer, Retsu Kaio makes his way up the Las Vegas ring.

Announcer: Chinese Dragon! Kaioh! Chinese Kung Fu

Retsu was disturbed. This is the first time he's experienced this kind of entrance to a fight. incomprehensible.

Just Baffling, inexplicable, just simply incomprehensible

Champ: Arg!


Why is this man pretending to be livid?

Even if it is to light fire to the fight, to go as far as acting angry?

Why is there a need to go so far?

Gaiza: It's showtime!

Gaiza: As of now the great nation of China has now bared it's fangs to the world.

Retsu: Just a farce ...

Refusing to move by monetary power alone, finally he enters the sports world.

Retsu: All these fancy things that have no relation to strife. Even the audience is going along with it.

He's now trying to show the world that might!

Champ: Jusy try it!

Champ: If you can do it just go ahead and try!

Audience: Yeah! Your the man Warefu!

Retsu: Even that was an act, he kicked knowing full well it wouldn't connect.

Champ: Mister Retsu.

Champ: My personal showtime is now done. From here on its all real.

Champ: I will not be holding my punches.

Coach: Retsu ... Don't die.

Retsu: ... This ...

Coach: ...

Retsu: This footwork with such that big frame.

Retsu: Just as I thought, his strength isn't just indulgent on his size. If that's the case ...

Coach: Eh ..... Ah, you idiot!

The worried Coach. Seeing the Champ's footwork just what did Retsu do!!?