It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Son of Ogre 225

Chiharu falls to Baki's serious blows. Just what is Hanayama's intentions in sending Chiharu to fight Baki ...?

Chapter 225 - Glove

Losing his consciousness die to Baki's high speed combo, Chiharu's powerless fist connects with Baki's face ...

Witness: That's what I've been saying, he didn't put up a fight ...

Witness: He just stood there glaring at him and took the ninja boys straight punch.

Why did the ninja fall ...!? I don't know.

Baki: Mr. Chiharu ... why ...? Why now ... would you fight with me ...?

Hanayama: Have a fight with Baki. It's because it's you that it's good ...

Retsu: I'm sure I connected ...

A right vertical strike ... I'm sure it was effective ....

Retsu: I took a hit at the same moment, probably a hook from the left.

What a blunder ....

The Glove ....

During my days of training, I've used them many times ...

This is the first time I've felt such weight and sharply penetrating from it ...

In the case of a base first, because it's hard and pointed it didn't give off that effect ...

Because the glove itself distributes more weight, the damage to the brain done clearly surpasses that of a bare fist.

It's as if a giant grabbed one's head and give a a great shake resulting in massive shock.

This damaging sensation ... It wasn't in Baki's fist ...

Nor was it in Pickle's fist.

The Glove ... The Glove in itself ....

The tool that is the glove ...

... Tool ...

That ... Originality ...

Referee: 4, 5, 6 ...

Coach: Retsu ...

Coach: 7, 8 ...

Retsu: I see ...

Coach: OK!!??

Retsu: So that's how it is ...

The strength within first class boxer's ...

Coach: Fight!

Retsu: It ... lays within the tool that is a glove. It's measured by how it's used.

By relaxing the muscles the glove's weight is amplified. A strong strike.

Free fighting is the same, in using the glove as a weapon.

Retsu: What a failure, I'm only realizing this now.

Boxing starts out bare handed, for it to turn into a safe and full sport ... in 1865 Glove's were put into use.

From that time 150 years have passed ...

Because it has been the object of great study ... It has been turned into a weapon!!!

Retsu: I've made an error in judgement ...

That round and soft fist. That nice feeling to it ...

I've misjudged it's brutal nature ...


However ... What will I do about it ...?

Even though I've had my eyes opened and realized all this ...

This ...

Retsu: What will I do about this damage!!!

The world begins to warp around him ... Against this untalented, delicious opponent ... Retsu Kaioh meets his end here ...!!?


  1. Huh I don't get this, how is some low level fighter is able to damage the special class of fighters?

    Doesn't Retsu have super speed, above the normal humans?

  2. Oh, now its getting interesting.

  3. he is probably weaker to have to fight by the rules and only has 1 leg now

  4. funny thing, Pickle haven't have a fist on Retsu, how would he know?
    have on Jack though

    1. But pickle has fought retsu

  5. WOW thanks for the updates!! Awesome Job!!

  6. okay, i'll be honest. when i first read this i was kinda pissed, i wanted to call shenanigans, but after lulling this over i'm beginning to think the writers are onto something equally epic! i still want to be pissed at this, but i've decided I'm going to wait and see how this fight ends.

    If retsu fell to smoke because he underestimated him, i'm okay with this, its understandable, he was caught of guard... but if retsu has any difficulty overcoming him after this... i don't know whether to be pissed or not, and here is why:

    energy is proportional to mass and proportional to velocity squared. this means an increase in velocity is much more effective than increase in mass. and force is an energy gradient, meaning more force in a baki or a katsumi punch.

    however, momentum is proportional to both mass and velocity, which would mean skilled boxers such as smoke rely on mass as much as velocity to "knock over" their opponents... being hit by a golf ball hurts, but being hit by a bean bag will pretty much knock you over correct?

    btw, once again, thank you so much soniku...

  7. Thanks Sonikku.

  8. What do you guy think Hanayama means? Personally I think he means that since Chiharu doesn't know when to stop fighting, Baki will be forced to really hurt him? or kill him?Or is the fight really over...? -______-

  9. thanks, I'm glad someone's translating this

  10. To bad I can't reply on Anonymous, cause all of us are. LOL, guess I need to reply on time and date: @ 27 september 1:09PM:

    If you like Hanma Baki Manga's, I think you also read Haijme No Ippo. That Manga is all about boxing and teach us the way of the GLOVE.

    I am betting Retsu opponent didnt tie up his glove, where he could strech is glove and retract it with his hand. In that way his opponent can't judge the distant of his strike.

    He took retsu hit head on, by bending his head with the flow of the punch, the power behind it reduces (making it an almost 0% impact). Cause Retsu realy thought he hit him. And with the miscalculation of his opponent distance, he punched Retsu right under the NOD (his chin), made him wobble.

  11. @ sept 27, 8:36pm

    i don't get what hanayama means either. when he first told chiharu to fight baki without any reason, my assumption was hanayama has his eyes set on baki and he is using chiharu to gauge just how strong baki has gotten.

    wow, that is some great insight man, and it really makes sense. If the writers get into it the way u've described it (i'm def gonna have to check out that manga now), then that would be epic bad ass! I'm looking forward to their analyses of the two completely different styles and approaches and the hypothetical clash and what ifs. (Kinda like fight science on discovery channel, only with more artistic license flair and creativity!)

    Honestly, I'm not surprised that the writers of baki take the time and effort to go as deep into the boxing world as they do with the other arts, and won't massively exaggerate it like they've done so with the other arts. And i certainly don't expect them to diss boxing either. I expect them to show the awesomeness of retsu without deriding boxing in a way that won't disappoint us fans.

    I also like that as much time as we the fans take analyzing their work... the writers still manage to surprise as and give us something to talk about... (and sometimes, they completely miss the point, eh lightening sharpest exit most honed existance yujiro? i mean, wth guys... wth...)

    btw... i tend to blather on about this stuff not because i'm an uber nerd (which i am), but cuz I CAN'T WAIT TILLTHENEXTCHAPTERAAAAAAAGH!!
    -sept 27 1:09 pm

  12. he is Joe Frazier.. one of the greatest boxers of all time.. like Ali they are both strong and have deadly punch.

  13. joe frazier wasn't smoke, he was more like a cannon ball in a humans body

  14. I think Smoking is a fictional son of Joe Frazier, just seems to be way too many similarities. And if he is the man closest to being the strongest one in the boxing ring, then it could very well lead to Ali Jr's return as THE strongest one in the boxing ring.

  15. Come on Ali Jr lost against Baki in less than one second.

  16. Hey guys is ritual scan forge down?

  17. Mannnn the anxiety! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHH :D

  18. On the Baki vs Ali Jr it was a submission hold that took him out. It would not make much sense for Baki to box him just like it make little sense for Retsu not you use kicks. Retsu is looking for something that Chinese Kempo doesn't have or doesn't have anymore. I think he is looking for the originality that something new has compared to something old.

    On the Chiharu issue Hana had Chiharu fight baki because it is Chiharu. Now I thought this might be because of how he fights. But I think Hana is training Baki by example. Chiharu knew he couldn't win, he realized that right after the first hit. But he stood up, with no plan, no new strategy he stood up. Baki, never had to face someone that over overwhelmingly strong nor did he seek it out. So i think Hana is showing him what real guts are, to step up for no reason. something he hasn't done since he first fought Yujiro.

  19. you guys are seriously trying to make sense of a manga which so badly warps all logic to make it's fights seem cooler?

  20. The truth is we are all right, te next thing baki should do is join a gang,then go to La Serna