It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Son of Ogre 220

So then it's okay for it to be like this .... the fight is just over the corner.

Chapter 220 - Choice.

If you can beat me, then I'll grant you anything!! The declaration of war from his Father!!

Don't give me any choice to deny you. Do it forcefully. If you can so something like that. This this Hanma Yujiro will even make you food.

Baki. What ... It's that simple ....


Is this ... the feeling of relief!?

Baki was astounded ... From the before that he must overcome ... From the words he heard from his father ... Baki was clearly relieved.

Baki: POPS!

Yujiro: What? More coffee?

Baki: The ... Entrance ...

Yujiro: Hnmm?

Baki: Close the door quietly ...

Yujiro: Yeah, that's right.

Within Baki's heart, certain words came to mind.

"Get back here and do it right" ... Saying that much is going too far.

To say that to Pops is going over the top. Saying this much is fine.

Baki: Geez ... There's no helping him ...

It's the same as always. A normal Sunday.

Kureha: Here's where the turning point is. Whether you resolve to walk towards recovery ... or you walk a road of no resistance leaving yourself to sickness.

Kureha: A chance to make this choice. I'm sure it will not come again.

Kureha: The one who will choose Tokugawa-san, is you.

Tokugawa: As if I have some other alternative ... I don't have any other choices.

Tokugawa: I will walk the path of no regrets. There's isn't other path for me to take.

Tokugawa: This is the same for you too, right Doctor?

Kureha: So this means you will not follow my orders, right?

Tokugawa: I didn't say I would follow or not. Following a path of no regrets is the obvious choice to anyone.

Gaiza: Nickname is "Smoking" ...

Gaiza: He floats around like smoke, and approaches like it.

Gaiza: In his past matches not once has he ever tried to retreat. The man closest to the title ...

... and your next opponent.

Retsu' next opponent makes his appearance!! The man closest to being the best in the world of boxing! "Smoking" ... just how good is he?


  1. Thank you very much, I needed my fix of my most precious drug^^ Baki is really brave to even say that to his father.

  2. come on, do garouden too

  3. Don't go on his nerve anonymous. If you want garouden, learn japanese(even though it is difficult) instead of annoying him.

  4. Thanks for these scanlations! Without you my internet life would be so much emptier.

  5. thanks soniku... u've brought baki to people like myself who have no one else to turn to to get their baki fix, and if it wasnt for you there would be one less guy able to appreciate and enjoy this remarkable series

    so, question for yall baki fans... do you think baki is capable of tearing that table apart? we talk about/compare physical strengths and baki matching up to bigger/stronger opponents, but i've never seen baki perform any feats of strengths similar to this (or atleast, i dont remember).. does that mean he can't? or does that mean he doesnt?

  6. I think he wins his fights more with speed and movements than with pure strength. I don't think he has that grabing strength to tear a table apart. Also the incredible part about the table ripping, is that he sticks to table parts together and rips them apart.

  7. true, but it seems yujiro's speed is on par with baki (i remember in particular the kick that sliced through stridum's body vest), though he doesn't seem to rely on it... whether yujiro can assimilate or (more than likely) already perform baki's recently acquired fluid motion technique, we have yet to find out...

    either way, when considering speed and strength alone, it would seem yujiro has both (massive) speed and strength, where as baki has speed, and the fortitude to weather relatively strong blows (as he trains to overcome yujiro's hits)

  8. so i guess this would lead to my next question, what is the connection between withstanding strong blows and delivering them? i agree, baki may not have the physical prowess to perform the same feats of strength as yujiro or biscuit olivia... but his strength has surpassed the other fighters, such as the one hit takedown of ali jr, and his toe-to-toe brawl with both biscuit and pickle...

    i mean, we know yujiro hits hard, (he tapped biscuits face that sent him flying into the bookcase) and i think he can withstand hits comprable in strength to his own (didn't he do so against kaku kaio absorb/reflect technique? or did he only use the same technique when kaku used his attacks against him?)

    so, doesn't baki essentially needs that same strength if he hopes to do any damage to yujiro? and is there a connection this hitting strength and table shredding? doesnt technique (and even strength for that matter) only get u so far against yujiro?

  9. The real question is that, can Baki even hurt Yujiro? We know of Yujiros lightning immunity and his monster like skeleton, which resembles the skull of homo habilis(being harder than that of any human). We know that Yujiro must be much faster than Baki, at the moment where he defeated Olivia. Also Yujiro defeated Pickle without having any difficulty, he used an aiki technique from an ancient karate style. Most probably Baki can't even do wrestling or bjj techniques, because of the strength of Yujiro.

  10. that me be why baki isn't just ready to fight yujiro yet. He has perhaps yet to defeat him mentally using his shadow boxing technique before he can even challenge him... baki is a genius in that sense, he sizes his opponent up, finds a way to overcome him, and then challenges him when he is ready. and, baki isn't one to underestimate his opponent during his shadow sparing matches, to the contrary he tries to overestimate (issue 193, April)

    and from what i see from his fights, he always finds a way, and when he fights, it is literally "he has already won"

  11. hanma baki does have the speed, but he also have immense strenght, talking gripping power, he has the same gripping force has hanayama. Right before facing pickle when he visited katsumi, he squash that flower bouquet, the exact same way hanayama did when visiting his mother, he can fit full set of newspaper in his hands too.

  12. this is the first comment ive left even though i read quite a few chapters, but thanks alot. i really appreciate what your doing here, as im sure everyone else does.

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