It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Son of Ogre 229

Damage that makes his view spin chaotically ... The road to a turnover will be lead by his techniques!!

Chapter 229 - Vibrations

Considerable damage! His vibrating brain makes his senses useless!


The damage that I've received ....
I won't let you do any more!!


That tofu in that bowl ...

Until the vibrations stop ....

The next attack ...! I will absolutely not let it connect!

Smokin: His form ... he changed it ...

Coach: Retsu! Don't stop!! Circle around him!


This doesn't change anything. Whatever you change ...

Smokin will only continue to come at you ...

Coach: Spin now!

The smoke will just slip right past you.

Coach: Circ ...

Coach: He ... spun ...

Retsu: Alright ... It's going well.

Coach: He spun ... really good there ... didn't he ..

Retsu: I'm recovering ....

Smokin: I knew this already.

Retsu: !


I knew ...

I was already fully aware that you are a great warrior.

But that doesn't change anything.

This fact can't be changed.

Smoke only knows to do this. To appear in front of you, to invade you ...

and surround you ....

Smoke knows only this!

Even if you run or dodge it still catches you ... Will Retsu fall to the iron fists of Kureisa's fearsome smokin ...

Son of Ogre 228

I'm run up to where you are!! The path that you've walked pops!!

Chapter 228 - Fighting Power

Riding everything on his fists!! Will he show his full power here!!




Oh ....

He moved ...

He's moving towards the front door ...

There should be the sound of shoes being put on soon ...


There it is.


What the!!?

That sound just now ....

He slipped on the shoes without putting in his heel ....!!?

Did you know!!?

Putting on your shoes like that.

You're fighting power drops practically 90%!!!

You're an idiot ...


Terrific ...

That wasn't an amateurs punch.

Chiharu: Well Well ....

Chiharu: This is a break in and surprise assault. This is a fight after all.


He's also quite strong ...

Chiharu: I will take the liberty of fixing that front door later.

Baki: Just what in the hell is this ...!?

He doesn't have any technique at all. Even though he's a amateur ...

Baki: He's at a high place.

That willpower is quote suitable .... It's at a pretty high place. His fighting power!


Well ... to put in other words ... I guess ...


Fighting power based just on will!!

Baki: I have to thank you. I just found a reason.

Found a reason...!? Just what did Chiharu make Baki realize!!?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Son of Ogre 227

Are you eating?

Chapter 227 - Tofu.

Retsu: I should be standing still ...

My surroundings are melting ...

Misjudging the Pro Boxers strength, Retsu makes a blunder. With the lead to more mistakes!!

With the exception of me, everything is dissolving ... The enemy as well!!

Retsu: All fused like that, he's coming at me.

Retsu: However, this fusing scenery ... It's not my first experience ...

Coach: You OK!?

Teacher: Retsu. Do not block this next attack.

Teacher: Don't move.

Teacher: Can you hear me ...

Teacher: Effective, right? An attack from a steel sand filled bag ...

Retsu: ...

Teacher: Even my appearance, you can't even perceive it properly.

Teacher: Stand up.

Retsu: ~~~!!!

Teacher: This is tofu.

Teacher: Placed on top of water, this will represent the relation between the human brain and the skull.

Teacher: You strike it.

Teacher: From the shock from the outside, it easily crumbles.

Teacher: This is just what

Teacher: Happened within your skull.

Teacher: Here I have one more prepared.

Teacher: That defense you have learned, with just one mistake it all is naught.

Teacher: While cursing your naive discipline, a day will come when you won't be able to even punch properly.

Teacher: If so ...

Retsu: Does he intend to hit it with all his might ...!?

Teacher: ... what to do!?

Teacher: This is what you do.

The method to recover from damage learned during his younger days ...
Will this be the door leading to Retsu' reversing vitory!!?