It all starts with the many trails and hardships of a young boy. At first glance he seems like any other young man trying to make his way through society, but he has an odd hobby. He seeks out strength more than anyone else! Six floors under the Tokyo Dome exists an frightening place. A literal "sacred ground" for those who desire power! A place that exists for the sole reason of deciding the world's strongest man! This is about non other that Grappler Hanma Baki!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Son of Ogre 226

That's what I expect from the fist of the Ogre!!

Chapter 226 - Highest Authority

Winning the fight and returning home, there is someone awaiting his arrival.

Chiharu: Mr.Baki

Baki: ....

Chiharu: Without any talk back ....

Chiharu: Have a fight with me.

Baki: Alright.

Chiharu: ...

Baki: ...As if Mr.Chiharu

Before I played along with you and won that fight, there shouldn't be a second time.

Chiharu: Does Hanma Baki need a ...

Baki: Yes that's right. I need a reason to fight.

Baki: You ... just why are you trying to fight with me? Some kind of fighting practice?

Chiharu: Well if you say practice then I guess it is practice. However it's practice for you.

Baki: For me!!?

Chiharu: That's right, practice for you.

Chiharu: Alright, let's get this started.

Baki: Wait, wait, wait a second ...

Chiharu: This isn't like you ...

Baki: Like me or whatever, to just fight with me out of the blue like this ...

Chiharu: From here on ...

Baki: Is he really serious ...?

Baki: Aahhh ....

Chiharu: let's talk with our fists.

Baki: Geez, he's really coming at me ...

Baki: Mr.Chiharu ...

Baki: A practice fighting partner ... I'm grateful that you would want to take that role but ...

Baki: You are weak ...

Baki: I won't be your opponent anymore.

Baki: When you wake up go home.

Chiharu: hnnnn ...

Hanayama: It's because it's you ...

Hanayama: It's because you are weak that it should be you.

Baki: He amazes me ... He hasn't given up at all ...

Baki: He's already preparing himself ...

Baki: This type of person, I'd have to thoroughly beat him up ...

The man that doesn't let anything goes the opponents way!! Shiba Chiharu!! With such a overwhelming power gap before him this is where he shows his real stuff!!


  1. Haha damnit I'm anxious to see what's going to happen to Retsu. Stupid Chiharu. Baki so let that land on purpose.

  2. lol @soniku... i was wondering if u felt the same way as we did

  3. WAIT WHAT!? When did Baki learn how to read? xD

  4. Naturally he can read, because he was in high school.

  5. Well yes but I was just making a joke. Anyway I don't understand why Baki got hit, this is the second time now, and he should easily be able to defeat this guy!

  6. baki getting hit is like baki not getting hit, it doesnt make a difference to him... i doubt chewbaca could even hold a candle against biscuit and relish...

  7. I think Baki wasn't ready to fight him, because Chihura always declared his attack and now Baki was surprised by him. It should have some effect on him, even though he is no human.

  8. i'm beginning to understand why yujiro is such a douche... if ur as strong as him but nice (like baki), then people will take you for a fool and guys like this retard will be all up in ur bidniz trying to fight u, especially if u go easy on them the first time around.

    if baki was a dick and feared like yujiro, chewy would never have challenged him in the first place...but now he's all bustin into his home breaking his windows and other stupid sh**. stupid n*****

  9. Ah I understand what you mean. He is just like Batman an symbol of fear, that is why in their world the politicans aren't so cocky. Because they know, no matter how much they lie and betray they can never become as powerfull/intelligent/strong as Yujiro. This means that Yurjiro tries to make Baki his successor, for something like world-peace.

  10. Well it seems like Hanayama has hired Chiharu to fight with Baki. I would guess it is to show Baki that it doesn't matter how strong or weak is opponent is he needs to be... "ruthless". Doesn't make much sense cause he then would be like his father ... but... dunno :p

    Can't wait for the next chapter ... as always!! :D

  11. or, maybe hakunamatata realizes baki needs to be ruthless if he is going to fight his dad? but i don't think himalaya is doing this for baki to get stronger so much so he is doing it for chewy to become stronger... according to the last page, chewy shines when there is an overwhelming gap between him and his opponent...

    im beginning to see yujiro's antagonism as less and less of a "pure evil" villain, or antithesis of "everything good" (as he was depicted in earlier series) and more of a "dark triad" persona (one with machiavellistic, narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies), fleshing his character out and making him a caricature of real life

  12. @October 7, 2010 10:52 AM

    true, because all the pain/suffering yujiro ever inflicted upon baki was to turn baki into himself, or a stronger version of himself. however... as bakis matured, his transformation turned out to be more of a "yang" to yujiro's "yin", so yujiro instead now wants baki to either destroy him or to be destroyed by him?

  13. i wonder why baki is such copy of his father and yet such small guy... Give him time to mature to 25 and probably he would be able to hurt Youjiro a little. May be not, Youjiro obviosly much better

  14. Maybe because of all that weight-lifting? Youjiro doesn't do that thing, he just breaks peoples necks or cuts them with his nails.

  15. Do you think that People like Baki or any other character in the series could exist in real life?

    If so, which ones (and why)?

  16. Theoretical with extreme steroid abuse/training(with special help from governement) you can become like Jack Hanma and like Chiharu without steroids. Also Theroretical you can also become like these people with genemanipulation(or your children, or grand children).-- You will hardly see anyone so dedicated to master their own body, of the cost of their lifespan. Yes, with inhuman experimental "medicine", with inhuman training, with inhuman lifestyle and with inhuman dedication you can achieve these feats.


    a friend of mine worked out too hard and pushed himself too far and as such was hospitalized for a days hooked up to a dialysis machine. Basically, his damaged muscles started leaking muscle cells and protien into his bloodstream, and he was pissing coke for 2 days.

    Realize people make gains not during training, but during recovery. So essentially its not about training hard, but training smart. Guys in this series accomplish what they do because they are able to recover incredibly fast from impossible workout routines... If i push myself to hard on a particular group on muscle on my workout day, ill be sore for nearly a month. even people with strong genetic disposition (I also have a friend who used to be 300 pounds, but now he runs 4-8 miles twice day, everyday, works out and has nearly 4% body fat!) will make limited gains overtime due to the law of diminishing return (take pro basketball players who dedicate their lives to training and improving can never dunk freely on 15 feet rim, and the guys such as lebron james who can barely touch it are viewed as gifted or anomalies)

    The best example in our history to ever naturally achieve what these guys talk about would have to be bruce lee. He was a genius who dedicated his whole life to martial arts. He was able to balance training and recovery, training smarter not necessarily harder... Having said that however, he was also someone who succumbed to a mere alergic reaction to migraine medicine at the age of 33(sort of puts us into our place doesnt it?)

    However, as far as unnatural/assisted training goes, stalone would have to be the best example i can come up with. At 64 he can do things young 20 yr olds cant do. He himself altered his training from training hard to training smart (going from 6 days a week to 3 days) when preparing for The Expendables, and still he was prone to age related injury on the set during stunts.

    This series assumes these people can make unrealistic improvements in unrealistic time, and the concept of "plateauing" or "crashing" doesn't exist. However, this series still inspires me, and i'm sure others, to train and workout. Personally, ive learnt the hard way not to set unrealistic goals, to accept my own genetic disposition, and train smart, not hard.

  18. Thank you, for the translation as always.

  19. thank you very much. i just found this site . it is so great that you supply tthis translations.

  20. Thanks for the translation. Baki is the type of guy who lets people hit him all the time. It's no big deal to him. I mean, the simple proof is that he's covered from head to toe in scars. Chiharu will be easily beaten soon.